The Band

Formed in 2006, three well established musicians from the Tampa Bay music scene came together to form Fat Tractor. The idea was to produce a sound that pushes the boundary of the typical trio. Jamin grooves, vocal harmony, tight riffs, and a set list that is familiar, original, and full of surprise!


On acoustic guitar, harmonica, and vocals is Jim Brandenburg.   As a performer, Jim has been down many diverse roads such as jazz, blues, funk, country, and alternative rock.   He puts life and experience into a sound that is uniquely his own through all the music he has written and the sounds he creates.   Jim takes no offence to being called a “redneck southern boy”;    he’s playing from the heart and damn proud of it!



On bass guitar, lead and background vocals is Tony Thomas.  He was raised in the Midwest but has lived all over this great country, from Kentucky to Connecticut with a long stop over in the Pacific   Northwest for good measure. He’s played many instruments over the years but focused on bass in the late 80’s and since then has played everything from jazz to punk, to rock and Americana with a heavy focus  on original material.  Tony has logged hundreds of hours in the studio as a producer, engineer and musician and is thrilled to be       holding down the bottom  for Fat Tractor.



Jere On drums, lead and backup vocals, spoons, knives, forks, walls or anything nearby is Jere Watkins.   Raised in the south, his style and taste in music is a perfect fit with the Tractor boys.   From the start of his career in music Jere’s versatile path includes, Pop, Funk, Rock, Country, Classical and R&B.   Traveling, performing and recording extensively throughout the 80’s and 90’s and has been teaching drums for over 15 years, Jere now calls Tampa Bay home.

Constantly growing and changing, these guys refuse to cave in to the same old thing. Fat Tractor has acoustically, and without the crutches of pre-programmed tracks, created a sound that is full and rich, Truly a performance to remember!

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